SLA - Media Buying Services

SLA Worldwide offers high quality media buying services, that optimize investment and reach audiences for strong communications and community relations. Our proven capabilities, competencies, systems, and management handle all aspects of media buying in a cost-effective turn-key solution. Our team is experienced in working with organizations and agencies, providing cooperation, adherence to guidelines, and accountability.  

Develop & Implement Media Buying Strategy

Expertise in both the development of strategies and in fulfilling the execution of media buying services.

Budget Management

SLA has a proven ability to work within a budget to maximize coverage and outreach across multiple channels.

Target Market Penetration

Multi-channel experience allows SLA to reach airport customers in the targeted  demographics efficiently and effectively.

Communication & Coordination

SLA project management systems and processes ensure effective communication and compliance.


The SLA team brings negotiation skills and digital systems to work across multiple channels providing the best media mix. 

Auditing & EvalUation

Auditing, evaluation, and regular reporting are an important component of the SLA media buying package. 

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