Joni Dahlstrom

Joni Dahlstrom, Media, Advertising, Public Relations Specialist

Joni Dahlstrom brings 20 years of experience to media buying. She has conceived and managed campaigns in almost every form of media, including; television, radio, print, direct mail, outdoor, digital, websites, and social media. 

She has managed radio campaigns for political campaigns over the span of six years in several cities including some of the largest markets including California, Florida and Texas. She conceived and produced radio advertisements throughout the county, selecting for the desired demographic with a mix of stations and time periods to gain the greatest exposure to a wide audience. 

She also brings experience with media buying through direct mail, print, and outdoor as well as signage. She has conceived and managed signage for events, store openings, and retail stores. She also has created advertising for outdoor campaigns and billboards. 

Dahlstrom has planned and purchased social media campaigns at Calloway’s Nursery and World Patent Marketing. Calloway’s Nursery, with 17 retail stores in Texas, holds events throughout the year, which were publicized partly through social media. At World Patent Marketing, Dahlstrom planned social media, and directed the Adword campaign.