Economic Impact Studies

SLA Worldwide is recognized for our work on economic impact analysis for public and private investments and programs. This includes work for government agencies, private companies and non-profit institutions. It spans a range of applications:

  • Colleges, universities and other educational institutions
  • Casinos, convention facilities and tourism visitor attractions
  • Biotech, health care, computer, back office and other industries
  • Military bases, airports and other public or quasi-public facilities
  • Commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use development projects
  • Transportation, energy & environmental projects, programs and policies.

This work spans both measurement of past impacts, and assessment of expected future impacts. A hallmark of our work has been the distinction made between (a) economic impacts on local and regional economies, and (b) benefit/cost analysis, which takes into account broader non-money benefits.

Our work is used for program evaluation, investment decision-making, environmental impact studies and public information campaigns. Our consulting clients include local and state government agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, industry organizations, regional chamber of commerce organizations, and private businesses.