Community Development

SLA Worldwide works with federal agencies, state and local governments, and nonprofit organizations engaged in high-profile, large-scale community development programs across the United States to build physically, socially and economically viable communities.

SLA understands the many goals embraced by community development: affordable housing, safe streets, economic opportunities, community infrastructure, access to health care, and services that meet resident needs, such as quality schools and places to work, play, and shop. We offer first-hand insight into the workings of federal and state agencies and experience and help successfully use public and private funds.

Like the communities we work with, our multidisciplinary community development staff is diverse, comprised of employees with backgrounds in public policy, finance, housing development, urban planning, public health and education, and environmental science. SLA uses our knowledge to assist community development organizations with:

  • Community Development Plans
  • Enhanced Funding Strategies
  • Community Participation Processes
  • Business & Community Organizing
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Site Specific Development Plans